Warmbac produstc are available from the following Stockists throught the UK and Europe.

United Kingdom  
Inglesport Ingleton, North Yorkshire, UK http://www.inglesport.com/
Up and Under Cardiff, Wales, UK http://www.upandunder.co.uk/
Caveclimb Cheddar http://www.caveclimb.com
Isca Outdoors Exeter, Devon www.iscaoutdoor.co.uk
Starless River   http://www.starlessriver.com/
Farrworld Llangattock, Wales http://www.farrworld.co.uk/
Expe France http://www.expe.fr
De Berghut    Belgium http://www.deberghut.be
Resurgence France http://www.resurgence.fr/
Deportes Ariadna S.L. Spain http://www.deportesariadna.com/
CanyonZone The Netherlands http://www.canyonzone.com
Cevennes Evasion France http://cevennes-evasion.fr/
Speleo Concepts Germany http://www.speleo-concepts.de
EILT International Switzerland http://www.speleoshop.ch
19K design s.r.o. Czech republic and Slovakia http://www.speleocajky.cz

For a complete list of stockists in your area please contact us